Vopak Terquimsa closed the year 2014 with a 2.7 million euros of net profit.

24 March 2015

Vopak Terquimsa closed the year 2014 with a 2.7 million euros of net profit.

Vopak Terquimsa ends the year 2014 with a net profit achieved of 2.7 million euros. "We have achieved the goal we set for 2014 and we have fulfilled the budget. It has been a more positive year than expected, despite the economic crisis, and we have maintained levels of business activity at over 2 million tons per year. This represents an important achievement of the human team of Vopak Terquimsa '' says Ignacio Casajús, General Manager of Vopak Terquimsa.

The company earned about 23.5 million euros in 2014, following the route set in the Strategic Plan 2012-2016, in which excellence in service to its customers, and continuous improvement in productivity levels are the main paths to follow. "The prospects for the year 2015 are cautiously optimistic, although they are subject to significant uncertainties. Petroleum prices and raw materials have shown a volatile behaviour, and also the exchange rates; the emerging markets keep on growing but this trend has slowed, and the global economy has been adversely affected by geopolitical conflicts. We expect a stronger growth occurring in 2015, consolidating the increased commercial activity we have perceived during the first quarter of the year'' says Ignacio Casajús.

Customers appreciate the professionalism and service of Vopak Terquimsa.

In February 2015 Vopak Terquimsa has made the annual customer satisfaction survey. This is a global survey that includes the 78 terminals that Vopak has worldwide. Vopak Terquimsa makes a positive assessment of the results of the survey in their terminals of Tarragona and Barcelona and can say that 78% of its customers assessed Vopak Terquimsa with a high grade.

With a score of 4.19 out of 5, customers also make a positive assessment on the quality of services provided. Considering these data Vopak Terquimsa is proud to see the connection between the effort and daily dedication, and the continuous improvement of its services.