Vopak Terquimsa ends the year 2014 satisfied with the results in safety and environment

24 February 2015

News Vopak terquimsa

Vopak Terquimsa ends the year 2014 satisfied with the results in safety and environment. With more than 250,000 hours worked, including own and external staff, both Tarragona and Barcelona terminals have reached the overall objective of the Group internationally about prevention of labor and environmental risks.

Along the past year, there have been no accidents at all. The results in process safety and environment have been positive, so that during 2014 there has been no incident that could affect the environment.

The causes of these results are the work of all its employees, working every day according to Vopak Terquimsa policies. The responsibility, dedication and training of these professionals, and their strong commitment to safety, have been the pillars to achieve these objectives.

This reaffirms Vopak Terquimsa as one of the safest and most efficient companies in their sector.

New external labor risk prevention service

The priority principles for Vopak Terquimsa are safety, health and the prevention of risks. Since the beginning of 2015, and according to its policy of continuous improvement, the company has incorporated a technician of FREMAP at its facilities in Tarragona and Barcelona who performs the duties related to an external prevention service but in a more participatory way, getting involved in the day-to-day operations of the factory.

Terquimsa Vopak strengthens its commitment to promote a culture of prevention to ensure the safety of their production processes and human capital.