Vopak Terquimsa take part in the activity "Transporting Chemistry"

08 May 2015

Vopak Terquimsa take part in the activity "Transporting Chemistry"

Once again, the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona, collaborates with the Museum of the Port de Tarragona in the activity named "Transporting Chemistry," which this year was attended more than 200 students in the second cycle of secondary school, from “IES St. Pere i St. Pau” and “IES Tarragona”. Specifically this year has involved the companies ASESA and Vopak Terquimsa. Pili Folch, of Comercial Department has performed the class.

"Transporting Chemistry" reveals the process that follow raw materials once arrived at the Port of Tarragona, where are sent through specific installations to the chemical industries of our zone in order to achieve the final product.

The theoretical part of the activity is divided in two parts, in the first one, it is explained port activity associated with ships, products and the suitable infrastructures to transport these products. In the second part, it is concluded the activity with the intervention of representatives of chemical companies that develop processes for products transformation and/or distribution. 

Once the theoretical part is finished, the practical part is carried out. In this part, the children travel by boat through the Port of Tarragona and can see the all the facilities involved in the products transport and distribution.