Vopak Terquimsa has celebrated the “GLOBAL SHE DAY”

15 May 2015

Vopak Terquimsa take part in the activity "Transporting Chemistry"

Vopak Terquimsa has celebrated the “GLOBAL SHE DAY” Safety Day, an event that the Dutch company Vopak held simultaneously in the 78 terminals of the group located in 32 countries.

Under the slogan: “Assure 2016. I operate safely and I'm proud to prove it”, The company wanted to highlight the importance of security and the commitment of Vopak with it. “It is our most important asset; therefore we direct our efforts in raising awareness and improving it. The success in safety only comes by adding everybody’s effort" stressed Ignacio Casajús, the general manager of Vopak Terquimsa, in his presentation accompanied by Kepa Diaz de Mendíbil the manager of Dow Chemical Industrial Complex in Tarragona, and by Jordi Aurich, the general manager of Civil Protection in the “Departament d’Interior” of the “Generalitat de Catalunya”, all of them invited by the company to participate in the conference: “GLOBAL SHE DAY”.

The company has well shown, once again, its continuing effort to maintain a safe working environment for both its own employees and partners and for the whole community. Vopak Terquimsa wanted to give special recognition to Lluís Garcia-Luengo Pons, the chief of Enterprise Service of the “Generalitat de Catalunya” in Tarragona, with the presentation of a commemorative nameplate for his commitment to the industry and society in preventing security.

The “GLOBAL SHE DAY” Safety Day, held in the Vopak Terquimsa facilities in the harbor of Tarragona, has gathered about two hundred people. The event was attended by Joaquim Nin, representing the Government of the “Generalitat de Catalunya” in Tarragona, Josep Andreu, president of the Harbor Authority of Tarragona, Teresa Pallarès, general manager of Chemical Business Association of Tarragona, Wouter Merks, human resources manager of Vopak-EMEA, and Jesús Manso, northeast zone manager of CLH. In addition, also has attended to the event, representatives of institutions, governments, associations, customers, suppliers and employees of Vopak Terquimsa.