06 May 2016

Vopak Terquimsa has enlarged up to 402.419 cubic meters of net bulk capacity at its site in the Port of Tarragona. Buenavista project, inside Vopak Terquimsa's investments strategic plan for 2012-2016 period, is nowadays a reallity.

The new shipment terminal of the logistics leader company of Western Mediterranean, reinforce its focusement on the Port of Tarragona, as its recent investments about 19 ME in last four years.

Buenavista project will led to Vopak Terquimsa, a company focused on liquid chemicals bulk storage, to rise up its capacity in 13200 cubic meters with six new vessels: five of them of 2500 cubic meters each one and 700 cubic meters for the last one. That project was started up in the first quarter 2015 and it has been managed on over 10 months, with more than 95000 working hours. During the peaks building periods about 100 workers were working on it without any issue on safety.

General director of Vopak Terquimsa, ignacio casajús, assures "the company wins storage capacity in a good business situation, because there is a real demand. The target is not only to transform the plant as a key point on import and export activity, although the company is very aligned with the chemical cluster ChemMed in tarragona and we want to become a hub in western mediterranean" as he said.

The new plant, with a 7,5ME budget, has been built with state-of-art technologies in automation, which permits quicker and safer operations, according the environmental efficiency standards.

All the vessels have been built with best technologies, highly automated equiped. It permets to operate with high quality and safety standards. There is a fire prevention system in each vessel, and some systems such as automatic radar leves transmitters, heating systems, recirculation, filtering and  thermal isolation, achieving a high energetic efficiency.

With this enlargement of chemicals harbour carried on during 2014, Vopak Terquimsa uses a third part of the 36 ha avalaible in the port of Tarragona.

new terminal in Tarragona

new terminal in Tarragona

new terminal in Tarragona