30 April 2020

Vopak Terquimsa celebrates fifty years since its establishment in the Port of Tarragona. The leading logistics company in the Western Mediterranean, owned by the CLH Group and Royal Vopak, has been living in Tarragona capital for five decades. Eduardo Sañudo, is the CEO of Vopak Terquimsa:

2020, a special year for Vopak Terquimsa, 50 years have been reached. What significance does this important anniversary have for the company?

Without a doubt, the Terquimsa story is a success story. For us, as for any company, reaching the age of fifty is synonymous with having done many things well, and also having understood the needs of our clients from the first moment. And above all, it means that we have demonstrated the ability to adapt to an environment that has changed enormously over the years.

What would stand out as an organization of these 50 years of Vopak Terquimsa in Tarragona? According to your perception, what represents the company the most with the city and the business environment?

Without a doubt I would highlight our human team. The level of knowledge, dedication and commitment of the people who work at Terquimsa are our true differentiating factor. Our ambition to achieve excellence and our customer orientation are our trademark, along with our commitment to people and to the society that welcomes us. Most of our human team comes from cities and towns around us, they feel the company as their own, they know and understand what the chemical industry means for Tarragona, and they are aware of the importance of our work for society.

At the investment level, in the Moll de la Química, Vopak Terquimsa has been characterized in recent years for carrying out outstanding investments. Is there any investment for this 2020 or 2021 that you can tell us about?

Indeed, since 2016 we have invested more than 20 million euros to expand our storage facilities in Tarragona, something we have carried out in two phases. Just a month ago we started the construction works on the third phase of our expansion, which will add 17,000 m3 of capacity and will involve an investment of 14 million euros. Our presence in Tarragona is strategic for us and we want to maintain our leadership position.

COVID-19 is having all kinds of repercussions in the business sector and in the productive network in our country. How has the company adapted to this extraordinary situation and what would you highlight from what the most immediate present will bring us?

The Covid-19 crisis has put us all to the test, both personally and obviously at the organizational level. As a key company in the logistics of chemical companies in the territory, we have made an enormous effort to maintain the level of service that our clients need. The chemical industry is an essential actor in our daily life, and has been even more so during this crisis, manufacturing protective equipment, disinfectants, products for the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Terquimsa's workforce has given their best once again in the most difficult conditions.

A 50th anniversary is not something you see every day. Does Vopak Terquimsa make a wish when blowing out the candles?

Without a doubt and taking into account the moment we are living in, our main wish is that we overcome this pandemic and that we can all return to normality as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the consequences of this pandemic, mainly personal but also economic, are enormous, so it is also our wish that as a company we can contribute to overcoming those consequences in our territory.