22 January 2021

Vopak Terquimsa is committed to combating the digital divide between the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. The leading storage logistics company in the Western Mediterranean has made an economic donation to the ‘Cruz Roja Tarragona’ to achieve this objective. Currently, and as a result of the extraordinary situation that we are experiencing due to the pandemic, the digital divide has become an important element of exclusion. The inability to access, use and know technological resources and the Internet is a problem of great importance in our current society.

That is why the help from Vopak Terquimsa to the ‘Cruz Roja Tarragona’ will go to the ‘Program to Help the Elderly and Women Victims of Gender Violence’. The program aims to fight loneliness. The resources will be used to support and accompany the work with women victims of gender violence.

The CEO of Vopak Terquimsa, Eduardo Sañudo, explains that “technology and digitization are important challenges in our company. They allow us to advance and improve in our work. With this collaboration with the ‘Cruz Roja Tarragona’ we want to help all those people in our environment who have difficulties accessing these resources.

Eduardo Sañudo has wanted to stress that "we want to contribute to reducing loneliness and involuntary social isolation, improving people's emotional well-being and restoring their social connections."

On his part, Ramón Grau, provincial president of the ‘Cruz Roja Tarragona’, explained that “through the collaboration of Vopak Terquimsa we will be able to provide connectivity to older people who have tablets, and thus try to eradicate the digital divide. Through volunteering, these groups receive training on how to make a video call that brings them closer to their loved ones and to the ‘Cruz Roja Tarragona’ work group. Grau has also described that “thanks to this connectivity we can adapt our projects. Through workshops we promote their autonomy, the cure of their health, physical exercise, the fight against unwanted loneliness, we work on their cognitive abilities and their socialization within the group. The SIM cards will be distributed mainly to the elderly and a part will go to women victims of gender violence.

The collaboration of Vopak Terquimsa with the ‘Cruz Roja Tarragona’ joins other actions that the company has carried out in recent months, joining forces with different social entities in Tarragona. The company will continue to support and stand by the sectors most affected by the crisis, offering its help and solidarity, as our values mark.