21 April 2021

The Club Bàsquet Tarragona (CBT) will continue to have the support of Vopak Terquimsa until 2022. The logistics company joined the blue entity in 2018 to support the base of the Tarragona club and become the main sponsor of the basketball school , the CBT Vopak Terquimsa School.

From that starting point, the involvement of Vopak Terquimsa with the CBT has not stopped growing and, to this day, it expands its support to the first men's team, the Ibersol CBT, which competes in the LEB Silver category, incorporating the logo into the game kit, and becomes the sponsor of all club coaches. This is a totally innovative line of sponsorship, in which CBT coaches will wear a polo shirt and a sweatshirt with the company logo on match days. In addition, with the desire of the CBT to continue training its coaches to achieve maximum performance, all training actions aimed at the house coaches will have the sponsorship and support of Vopak Terquimsa.

The president of the CBT, Jacinto Rodríguez, has valued the new agreement very positively «we are happy and grateful to Vopak Terquimsa for not only renewing their commitment to us, but also expanding it, thus helping to achieve the objectives from our senior teams to those of the basketball school, and helper to train more and better our coaches». For his part, the General Director of Vopak Terquimsa, Eduardo Sañudo «collaborating with grassroots sports, in the growth of young people and the role of coaches is linked to our values as a company. To form a team, make Tarragona and go hand in hand with the Club Bàsquet Tarragona school is to add our help to the development of the players of the club, a fact that makes us proud»

The renewal act was held at the Serrallo Coliseum and was attended by the president of the CBT, Jacinto Rodríguez, the General Director of Vopak Terquimsa, Eduardo Sañudo, different members of the CBT board and all the coaches of the Club Bàsquet Tarragona, led by the coaches of the first two men's and women's teams, Berni Álvarez and Héctor Marín.