Our commitment to innovation is the basis of our growth.

Innovation is a strategic foundation at Vopak Terquimsa, both now and in the future. Our company is part of the 4.0 Industry and we are committed to constant improvement in the digitization of our activities.

Our terminals combine advanced techniques for our operations with intelligent technology that we integrate into all our activities.

At Vopak Terquimsa we believe that digitization aids the constant improvement of security, process efficiency and information in real time. The application of technology also involves placing a new focus on cybersecurity. To this end, Vopak Terquimsa holds ISO27000 international quality standards certification.

Robotics and


in order to improve the safety and efficiency of our operations we are committed to physical automation and the application of technology in the field of robotics.

We are currently in the development phase, however we have already implemented, projects in different areas, which include

  • The automation of tanker truck the accesses and exits at the plant
  • Slot booking systems for tankers
  • The use of mobile devices by operating personnel
  • The digitization of the contractor work permit process
  • An E-learning platform for own staff
  • The automation of berths, with equipment to increase safety during operations
  • 3D scanning of the entire installation


We live in an ever-more connected world. Exchanging information between companies is today, more essential than ever for rapid, efficient management procedures. At Vopak Terquimsa we are giving priority to our digitization agenda in order to provide the maximum amount of information in real time to all the different agents with whom we work. We aim to ensure optimum connectivity through digital developments that are tailored to the meet the needs of our clients.

Our commitment to innovation
is the basis of our growth.

Communication and
Innovation Platforms

  • Our aim is to innovate in the way we communicate with client companies and other interest groups, (carriers, agents, etc.)
  • We have equipped our facilities with devices that allow us to connect and digitize our plant equipment, with what is known as the IOT (the internet of things).
  • We promote co-operational environments for innovation in our processes and recognize that change must be stimulated in order to create innovative methods where people are at the centre of the equation.
  • We innovate by focusing on the processes we want to change, this means that the application of technology must have a truly disruptive role, which helps us to achieve more competitive and efficient processes.