Vopak Terquimsa is a company with extensive expertise when it comes to safe storage. We pay attention to details when processing every product we handle, while seeking to provide optimum solutions for all of our clients, and providing unmatchable service with an ideal infrastructure.

Each sector we deal with requires high levels of specialization and dedication. We are specialists in developing tailor-made solutions to ensure that supply logistics chains and product deliveries are implemented in a rapid, dynamic and transparent manner.

We treat
our clients’ projects
as our own

Our main operational sectors are detailed below.
In all of them:

We ensure excellent conditions in terms of both safety and quality.
We possess sophisticated systems of traceability that allow us to track any batch stored on our premises.

We provide highly flexible terminals with differentiated storage features, which means that our facilities adapt to the individual requirements of each product; tanks equipped with nitrogen blanketing systems, with heating, cooling, recirculation systems, closed circuit operations and gas scrubbing.

We adapt our services to the needs of our clients, while working to ensure optimum reliability in all our operations.

We provide differentiated, flexible and efficient storage for the import, distribution and export of petroleum products, with berths of over 15 metres in draft, and mooring arms that facilitate large vessel reception.

We provide competitive access to the CLH pipeline network from our terminals for the distribution of products throughout Spain, facilitating the shipment of aviation fuel to country’s the main airports.

We are aware of the challenges that the energy transition process demands, and are adapting our facilities to facilitate a progressive transition for the entry of new products that are increasingly in demand, such as biofuels, growing in second-generation bios.

We comply with all due regulations and apply the highest standards.

We apply strict controls so as to preserve the quality of the products in our care.

We have extensive experience in this sector, and store products that are used for both animal feed and human consumption, our track record is excellent in this regard.

The food market is a strictly demanding environment, and requires facilities with the highest quality standards, dedicated systems, not to mention a detailed analysis of critical points in order to avoid cross contamination.

Vopak Terquimsa complies with the applicable regulations, and has obtained internationally-recognized certifications with respect to the storage of food products (GMP +).

We have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Specifically-designed, differentiated systems are available to all our clients in order to preserve product quality at all times.

We submit all goods to demanding, pre-defined monitoring procedures in accordance with the requirements of each product type.

Our Service Philosophy

We manage our facilities while prioritizing quality as a constant factor. We place our finest best facilities at the service of our clients. We possess sophisticated, high-precision measurement equipment so as to ensure excellent product handling. We are committed to innovation, to the challenge of improving every day and optimizing our processes.


Beyond secure storage, our overall priority is to continue advancing towards the latest Industry 4.0 objectives, where we work to ensure information is communicated in real time, while guaranteeing the safety of our employees, the entire production chain and the care of every detail in the customization of our solutions.


At Vopak Terquimsa we work to provide information in real time with all our transactions, as we believe that this is the best way to create and maintain trust and confidence. Information is essential for efficient progress.